Welcome to my new industry blog. Here I hope to publish analysis of the business side of the jewelry industry which would be helpful for store owners, executives and other stakeholders. If I am successful, I may be able to add some insight and articles from friends and colleagues as well. My Credentials? Well, I have spent more than 20 years running both a multi-generational store and starting my own business. I ran a small single store, then took a hand at running a larger regional store, before turning to creating and running a small regional chain of seven stores. I have been an industry speaker as well as a guest speaker at national business conferences for entrepreneurs and business owners. I served on the Board of Governors for the Jewelers Education Foundation and was a contributing editor for several jewelers magazines.

Currently, I am also an adjunct professor of Entrepreneurship at Chowan University, where I teach three different courses in the business school.  I also take on consulting projects from time to time.  Take a look at my consulting projects page.

David Nygaard

I am a Master Gemologist Appraiser, and love to discuss appraisal and valuation theory as it applies to gems and jewelery as well as small business. I am also a member of the Institute of Management Accountants and have interest in strategic fiances and management. I received my bachelors degree from the College of William and Mary (where I serve on the board of advisers of their Entrepreneurship center) and my Masters from Regent University. I started this blog to build a library of relevant analysis and articles to help the small businessman in the jewelry industry.

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